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Dear patients, as a senior physician in a state hospital with many years of international experience, I am pleased to welcome you to my new office.
I don’t have an overcrowded waiting room or mass processing. I will be happy to take time for you to clarify your complaints diagnostically with you and work out a therapy tailored to your needs. Together we will achieve your health goals so that you can enjoy your daily life.

Internal Medicine & Cardiology

All about your health

Internists are specialists for diseases of the internal organs. These are lungs, heart and blood circulation, gastrointestinal tract of the esophagus, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, metabolism and the human immune system. The field of activity of an internist is therefore very extensive. In addition to the very broad field of internal medicine, an increasing specialisation in organ-related fields has developed.

Cardiologists take a more time-consuming and in-depth look at the cardiovascular system and acquire detailed knowledge of how it works, enabling them to make precise diagnoses and suggest suitable treatments. As a cardiologist, I specialize in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritional medicine

Everything about your nutrition

My motivation to include nutritional medicine in my therapeutic program lies in the holistic view of physical well-being and its sustainability. Nutritional medicine is an interdisciplinary medical discipline that attempts to use current scientific findings on the physiology and pathophysiology of human nutrition to prevent, cure and alleviate diseases.

The basis of the nutritional therapy is the nutritional anamnesis and the physical examination, as well as possible apparatus and laboratory chemical examinations. This enables the nutritional risk profile of a patient (overweight, underweight and malnutrition) to be assessed. Many illnesses, especially chronic ones, can be positively influenced by adequate nutrition.

Genetic test

From now on, I offer genetic tests to support you in your nutritional consultation, as part of a preventive examination, but also to diagnose food intolerances, intestinal malcolonisation, drug intolerance or contamination of your body.

Genetic defects can affect our health, but in many cases they are not absolute facts to get a disease, but only an increased risk of disease. Whether the disease breaks out depends on external influences such as the environment and lifestyle.

Now the latest technology makes it possible to test certain genes for defects associated with diseases. The results of the analysis can then be used to put together a screening program that significantly reduces your personal risk of disease and helps you stay healthy.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is generally desirable, because it can neutralize many genetic predispositions even without information about personal risks. However, this gives you additional information about what you should pay particular attention to based on your genetic profile, as well as preventive measures that do not fall under the general guidelines of a healthy life.

Rates and Prices

Information: The fee is billed directly between doctor and patient. The patient has the legal right to submit the fee note to his or her social insurance carrier. In principle, the patient is entitled to reimbursement of 80% of the tariff that a doctor with insurance contracts receives for the same service.

Internal/cardiological initial assessment incl. ECG and heart ultrasound, clinical examination and anamnesis


Resting ECG


Echocardiography (heart ultrasound)


Ergometry (exercise ECG)


Pulmonary function test (spirometry)



24h ECG (long-term ECG)


24h blood pressure measurement


Surgery clearance


Initial nutritional medical assessment incl. nutritional analysis, nutritional advice, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), nutrition plan


BIA and nutrition plan


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